Christmas gifts for Caravan enthusiasts

With Christmas just around the corner now is the time to find the perfect gift for every caravan enthusiast. Summer holidays are almost here, check out our top 10 gift ideas.

Camec Portable Fridge

1. Camec Portable Fridge

Keep those drinks cold this summer is essential. For road trips, picnics, additional fridge space a Camec portable fridge is a must. Available in 3 different sizes you will be able to keep those sandwiches cold and the beers chilled.

Operable on 12/24V or 240V mains power each model features 3 stage battery protection, Seacop/Danfoss compressor with 5 year warranty and includes a basket and internal light. Low power draw means extended running time if only limited 12V power is available. The perfect gift for that busy on the go family or traveller.

Milenco Towing Mirrors

2. Milenco Towing Mirrors

A good towing mirror is a must when towing your caravan. But it can be hard to find good quality mirrors. There is a Mileco mirrors suitable for every budget and vehicle. All mirrors are fitted with safety glass, which will not discolour over time.

Camec Floor Matting

3. Camec Floor Matting

Keep the sand and dirt out of your caravan can be a full-time job but with a Camec floor mat you can cut down on the amount of dirt coming into your RV. Available in a great range of sizes the Camec floor matting extends your outdoor living space and helps keep your caravan clean.

RV Media LED Smart TV

4. 24’’ LED Smart TV

Don’t miss out of your favourite shows this summer. With the RV Media 24” Smart TV you will have access to all your favourite streaming services. A great gift for a travelling family or someone who loves some down time between adventures.

Thirsty Nomad Water Purifiers

5. Thirsty Nomad Water Purifiers

The quality of water in your RV is not something you think about. But water purification is something that will provide you piece of mind especially if you are filling up from a tank, dam or other water source.

The Thirsty Nomad water purification systems can be installed in your RV or attached to a hose and can kill up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria, remove 10 heavy metals and removes odour and improves taste. Every RV should have one.

Sirocco Fans

6. Sirocco Fans

Trying to sleep in hot weather is basically impossible. Especially when in a caravan. The Sirocco fans are a great way to keep cool in your RV during the day and night. This cabin fan can be mounted to any surface and enables airflow from any direction. With whisper quiet operation it is ideal for those hot summer nights.

Pro Series Weight Distribution Kits

7. Pro Series Weight Distribution Kits

A weight distribution hitch may not be something you think of wrapping up under the tree. But it is such an important piece of equipment for safe towing of caravans. Towing without a weight distribution hitch can cause reduced steering and braking responsiveness, less tyre traction to the road and misaligned headlights as well as potential trailer sway. Using a Pro Series Weight Distribution Hitch will instantly improve handling, control and safety when towing. Why wouldn’t you give the gift of safety.

Kovix Security Alarmed Locks

8. Kovix Security Alarmed Locks

Security and piece of mind for caravan owners comes with the Kovix lock range. Built for maximum security, this innovative alarmed trailer lock is the ultimate deterrent to would-be thieves.

This trailer/caravan lock is made from 304 grade stainless steel. Resistant to impact, drilling and cutting. This ultra-strong trailer lock features an 18mm pin with an anti-cutting sleeve.

This smart lock’s alarm can be turned on or off and is triggered by a motion sensor that activates the 120dB alarm for 10 seconds. The lock is rust resistant and its electronics are water proof so it can be left out in the elements. Built to suit standard 50mm ball hitches, Off Road DO35 and Treg-style block hitches.

Directors Chair With Side Table

9. Directors Chair With Side Table

Have you ever gone camping and not had a chair so you had to sit on the hard ground? The Wiluna Director Camp Chair is not only comfortable but convenient. It comes with its own side table so you can grab drinks or snacks as you sit. This director camp chair is foldable, which lets you carry it around with ease. It is made of high-tensile steel frame and durable polyester fabric. The material is stretched taut between the stands and may feel less stressful for the lower back. The chair arms are comfortable and also provide additional support. The perfect gift for under the Christmas tree.

Camec Wheel Level and Chock Kit

10. Camec Wheel Level and Chock Kit

Let's face it, the chances of finding firm, perfectly level ground at every site you visit are fairly slim. So having a levelling ramp and chock kit on board will ensure you can set up your caravan to be level, sturdy and safe, even on sloping sites.

Camec Wheel Level and Chock Kit will ensure that no matter where you park your van, the sink will drain properly and the fridge door won't swing open each time you enter.

Stock up on our Christmas gift ideas now to make sure you get them in time to place under the tree.